All Things Supernatural

Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota is a team of seasoned paranormal investigators that research all areas of the supernatural: ghosts, bigfoot, cryptozoology, and UFO's. 

Paranormal Investigation is our specialty, and we have completed over 60 paranormal investigations over the years ranging from single family residential properties to enormous abandoned health care facilities; historical properties are our favorite to investigate, and we have done many.   We have searched for Bigfoot in the Minnesota/Canada borderland, and researched UFO claims in southern Minnesota.   We are currently researching the legend of Pepie, the reported lake monster of Lake Pepin.

Join us in the hunt for the supernatural.  Visit our page often for new information, like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter!  If you have information to share, a property you would like to have investigated, or a story to tell, please send us an email at
siminnesota@gmail.com , we would love to hear from you.

We offer our services at no cost to our clients, but we gladly accept donations.  
Funds are used for travel, equipment, and other expenses.

Out with the old/in with the New!  2016 was a FANTASTIC year for Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota; we traveled, planned public events, participated in BIG events, and completed over 14 investigations.  In addition the crew has been dispatched on numerous walk throughs (preliminary investigations), some cases which went on to become formal investigations; some were determined not to have enough activity to justify an investigation, and the clients just needed little advice. 

​2017 is promising to be another exciting year, and we are beginng the year right!  This month we will be investigating  the big old tuberculous hospital near Duluth, Minnesota:  Nopeming Sanatorium.  Four members of the crew went on an hour long walk through of the facility and we experienced much supernatural while we were there.   This one will be amazing.....we just know it!   Look for our notes and evidence from this old haunted hospital coming to this site in February. 

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The SIM Crew is adding members!  We are looking for people who have:  great interest in all areas of the supernatural; want to learn the art of parnormal investigation; have ample time on their calendars; have the means and ability to travel; and have reliable transportation.  If you are looking for a THRILL?  Our crew is NOT for you, we are a dedicated and passionate crew who want to learn about the supernatural and prove the existence of spirits, cryptids, and UFOs. 

Interested?  Send us an email at  siminnesota@gmail.com and tell us why you think you would make a great addition to the SIM Crew.  We are accepting emails until mid-January, with interviews  to be scheduled late January.

The moon has an effect on all of nature and the supernatural, especially when it is full.  January's full moon is known as the Wolf Moon; some call it the Snow Moon, and it will be full January 12.  This moon will also be a SUPER MOON, and we hope it will bring with it loads of positive energy, the world needs it!  When gazing at our beautiful moon this month, note the bright planet of Venus in the western sky.  For more information on January's full moon, click on the Old Farmer's Almanac link, enjoy!  http://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-january
We are working on locations for 2017 Supernatural Chats!  If you have a town you would like us to consider, please use our contact us form or send us an email to:  siminnesota@gmail.com.  We will be posting dates and locations in the coming weeks.
Paracon 2016 was the biggest Paracon yet!  It is a stellar Paranormal conference, well attended by local paranormal teams, television paranormal stars, experts in the paranormal field, and of course thousands of folks interested in learning more about the paranormal world.

We opened up Saturday's event with our own unique presentation.  We had much fun, and enjoyed meeting hundreds of people!

We are looking forward to Paracon 2017!